Plugins are like apps on your phone, you download them and they automate functions on your website. WordPress has thousands of plugins you can install in order to do everything from having song lyrics appear on your website to creating an online store.

Follow these steps to install the Nextscripts plugin to your blog that automatically creates a link on Facebook when you write and publish a new blog post. This encourages your friends on Facebook to look at your blog.

1. From your WordPress dashboard, click Plugins, and then Add New.
2. Perform a search for Nextscripts.
3. Click Install Now.
4. Once installed, click Activate Plugin.
5. Find Nextscripts in the plugin list, and then click Settings.
6. Add your social media account by clicking Add new account, and choosing a social media platform from the list.
7. Follow the instructions to configure the settings for your social media account. Nextscripts provides help documentation if need assistance.

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