“Learning outcomes are statements that describe the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that learners should have after successfully completing a learning experience or program. By reviewing the published learning outcomes for a given major, students and instructors can keep in mind and discuss the larger picture of student learning within that major how the courses, projects, assessments, and other learning activities help students accomplish those outcomes.” – BYU.edu

With MU Sites, we are committed to helping students learn from their digital activities. With this in mind, we’ve create the following sample learning outcomes for classes that use MU Sites as part of their required coursework. Please feel free to use any of these learning outcomes in your syllabi as you incorporate MU Sites into the classroom.

Obtaining Digital Sovereignty

Students will publish in their own spaces and create portfolios of their work and thoughts. They will be able to manage their personal information throughout their lives and create an online identity independent of third-party publishers.

Maintaining Professional Practices

Students will learn the role of having a digital voice and the influence that voice can have in scholarship as their contribute to the ongoing discussions in their particular fields. Students will present themselves in a professional manner as they prepare to be competitive int he future job market.

Becoming Literate in Digital Technology

Students will better understand the technicalities that come with having a presence online as they create individual sites that allow them to connect to their peers. Through interacting with website technology, students will be able to customize their site to reflect their future goals, allowing students to engage in work that provides richly teachable moments.

Understanding the Role of Media in Society

Students will be capable of investigating and understanding the role of media in our society and how individuals, families, and institutions are impacted and influenced by media. Users of MU Sites will be invited to take control of media use in their individual lives and assess how media affects their future.

Communicating Effectively

Students will learn to plan communication that serves audience needs and advances the website’s goals. Students will be able to schedule and publish on a regular basis to increase trust with their readership, as well as set up their own means of electronic email. Students will increase their capacity to be competent professional communicators.

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