MU Sites supports any application you want to install. If you want to build a website, there are several applications available to help. The software you would install to build a website is different than the software you would use to build a wiki.

The below guide compares three wiki apps: Drupal, Known, and WordPress. Review the guide to help decide between which of the four wiki apps you’ll use for your website. The table details a few features of each app. We recommend using WordPress for beginners. As of January, 2016, 25.8% of all websites use WordPress (ref: Usage statistics and market share of WordPress for websites).

Drupal Known WordPress
Uploading Photos? Up to 128 MB Up to 100 MB Up to 128 MB
Blog Posts? Easy to post Easiest to post with content Easy to post
Coding Required? Only if you want to customize None None (you can access the code if you want)
Ease of Use? Took a while to learn how to post a picture, but otherwise really easy Easiest to use by far After a five minute learning curve, it’s easy
Answering Questions? Lots of help guides online Really hard to find information on the Web Thousands of help guides, easy to Google a question and find the answer
Customizable? Yes, but you need to code in order to do so Not really Yes, and it’s easy to do so


There is a reason WordPress is the system used by over half of all website users. It’s simple to use, though the application’s terminology might take a little getting used to. If you want a custom look, or even a look for your site that doesn’t involve blog posts, WordPress has a template library of thousands of designs that can ensure your website/blog looks exactly how you want it to. WordPress help articles proliferate the Web, so this program is nice because chances are, you can search a question in Google for instant results.


If you’ve heard that Drupal requires knowing how to code, you’d be surprised with the Drupal app. The cPanel Drupal app doesn’t require any coding knowledge and offers a really simple way to post content on a website. Drupal is based on a simple interface without a lot of bells and whistles. It’s about the content in standard Drupal websites. Of course, you want to completely redesign the website, you need coding knowledge. If you just want a simple one-column layout, Drupal might be for you.


Known has an interface that resembles a Facebook feed. Known has the easiest-to-use interface. Just click one of the icons on the top of a page in order to post something. Known’s pictures have the biggest display sizes out of the four applications and the app can handle photos up to 100 MB. Known requires no knowledge of coding, but if you want to customize the layout, Known is not the best choice since few templates exist for it.

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