Plug-ins are like apps on your phone — you download them and they automate functions for your website. WordPress has thousands of plug-ins you can install in order to do everything from present song lyrics on your website to creating an online store. In order to familiarize you with the process of downloading and using plug-ins, we’re going to discuss how to install a plug-in that automatically presents documents such as PDFs on a site page. This plug-in is called Embed Any Document and is very convenient when you are uploading your CV or resume to your site and you want it to appear to other colleagues and faculty.

Install Embed Any Document Plug-In

1. From your WordPress dashboard, in the Plugins tab, click Add New.

2. Search for Embed Any Document.

3. Click Install Now.

4. Click Activate Plugin.

5. To configure advanced settings such as document importing from Google Drive or Dropbox, click Settings. This is not necessary.

Test the Plug-in

1. Click Posts, and then Add New.
2. Click Add Document.

3. Select the location where your document is stored. For this example, click Upload Document.

4. The Media Library and any available documents appear. Click Insert. Upload a document from your computer if it’s not stored in the Media Library.
5. A piece of code automatically appears in your post. Type a title and any additional text and select a category. Click Publish.

6. Your embedded document appears in the post on your website.

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