cPanel, like all other programs, allows users to change their passwords for the different applications you’ve installed. Before you change any passwords through cPanel, log in to your cPanel.

If you need to reset your MU Sites username and password, visit or contact the Help Desk. This password cannot be reset within MU Sites because it is the same as your login credentials.

1. In the Web Applications section of your cPanel, click your blog link.

2. The different applications you installed appear in the My Applications tab. Select the checkbox next application to update, and then click Edit.

3. Type a new password in the Administrator Password text box. The text box is blank for security purposes.

You can change other attributes by highlighting and deleting text followed by typing new text in a text box.

4. Click Save All.

5. You won’t receive a confirmation message or email after the system is finished processing your new password information. If the update was successful, you’ll return to the list of all your installed applications, and if needed, you can click a different application and change another password.

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