SSH, or Secure Shell, is a program that allows you to connect to another server over a network. It’s similar to FTP in that SSH can also transfer files between computers. SSH is a more secure version of file transfer. It also has additional features that FTP doesn’t have, such as the ability to execute commands from a remote server.

Gaining SSH Access

1. From your cPanel, in the Security section, click SSH Access.

2. Click Manage SSH Keys.

3. Click Generate a New Key. Keys allow the safe transfer of files. SSH works by giving decryption keys to the servers involved in a file transfer; only the host and the connected remote computer can decrypt the information.

4. Type a key password in the text box, and then click Generate Key.

5. The key appears. Click Go Back.

6. To authorize a key, click Manage next to the key that needs authorized.

7. Click Authorize.

8. A confirmation message appears. Click Go Back.

9. The key can be used to access your account. Click View/Download to access your keys. This information can be inputted into an SSH client such as PuTTy. Please keep in mind that the SSH account credentials are different than your MU Sites username and password. To use the key, refer to the initial email you received as start-up and use the IP Address, FTP Username, and information.

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