Your visitors are on your website become they’re looking for something. Make it easy for them to navigate and find exactly what they’re looking for. Depending on the purpose of your website, the decisions you make about where to put your information and how to organize it will vary greatly. Great websites are designed with the content in mind. If you only have a few pages, you may make them all available from the homepage. Websites with many pages would do well not to put all of them on the homepage; it’s overwhelming for visitors when they don’t know where to click or where to go.

You want to be able to organize your content in such a way as to help visitors find what they’re looking for, as well as make room for the future. How many more pages do you think you’ll create in five years or ten years? You don’t want to have to do an entire site reorganization when you want to add more content.

The first step to take in organizing your content is to decide what you want on your website. For example, a business portfolio may include such pages as ePortfolio, Resume, About, References, Personal Blog, Contact Me, etc. Once you have decided on the elements to include, there are several ways to organize yourself so you know where to put these elements.

You can open up an Excel spreadsheet and type out your content based on levels. For example, your organization could look like the below table.

Teancum’s Website
Level One Level Two Level Three Level Four
  Work Experience    
    Samson’s Barbershop  
      PDF of sales report
      PDF of marketing approach
    Promised Land Planting  
      PDF of growth report
      PDF of PowerPoint presentation
    Certificate: Official Planting License  
    Diploma: Nephite Combat University  
  References Contact    
Personal Blog      
  Contact Me    

The first level represents buttons on the main menu. Level two pages are children of the main buttons and are contained on their parent pages. For example, the homepage of Teancum’s website would contain links to all the pages in level one (Home, ePortfolio, Resume, Personal Blog, About). If a visitor clicked the ePortfolio link, links to Work Experience and Certification would appear. By clicking Work Experience, the links Samson’s Barbershop and Promised Land Planting appear. By clicking Promised Land Planting, PDF of growth report and PowerPoint presentation appear.

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